Melbourne Rebels

Perfect example of the efficiency of Burger IT - I was in the office on a public holiday, and accidently deleted some very important files.

I sent an email directly to our IT contacts to help me out of the situation, and within 5 minutes they had responded to my request and restored all of the lost files - saving hours worth of work, and wasted productivity, all on a public holiday no less.

It’s great to have the comfort of knowing that you always have a reliable safety net when things go wrong.
— Geoff Kaider, Manager, Commercial & Marketing


North Melbourne Football Club

I have worked with Burger IT for 10 years across three organisations and value them extremely highly as a highly skilled, reliable and budget conscience IT department that has the skills to address the basic desktop issues, through to managing complicated strategic IT issues.

In this period, Burger IT have effectively been our IT department without ever needing extra Consultants or full time IT staff to manage our business operations. In fact all we rely on is knowing what their email address is and their mobiles and give them the problem. I can’t stress enough the efficient and seamless manner they fit in to our business, a business that has very challenging IT issues with limited budgets.

Complementing the above is there practical and down to earth approach to managing IT issues directly with staff across all levels of the business in a way that they are treated as just one of the “staff”.
— Cam Vale, Interim CEO / Chief Operating Officer


ONE Management Group & Consulting

We have known the Burger IT crew for over seven years and wouldn’t have chosen any other IT company to work with in this new
business venture. They are always extremely approachable and their professionalism ensures the work is completed on time.
— Mary Smirnis, Executive Assistant


Melbourne Storm

Burger IT provide a comprehensive, reliable and responsive service ranging from advice on suitable hardware and software, to installation, networking and troubleshooting. Coupling their speedy response times with a friendly and approachable service, Burger IT make it easy to get the answers you need before any problems arise. In the seven years I have worked with Burger IT no problem has been to great and countless out of hours calls have been resolved within minutes!
— Natalle Brown, Memebership & Ticketing Manager