PITA Windows 8 ultrabooks- installing Windows 7

Until Windows 8 is ready for primetime (in the corporate realm, at least) we have been rebuilding any that clients buy with Windows 7. A common problem with these 'made for Windows 8' machines is that the BIOS doesn't operate as we have been used to - UEFI in particular is a PITA.

On a Samsung Series 9 Ultrabook the following steps need to be performed:

  1. Create a USB install drive
  2. Press F2 (repeatedly) to get to the BIOS
  3. Disable 'Fast Boot'
  4. Disable some drive security settings (can't remember right now)
  5. Set the USB-HDD to be the default boot drive

Once the Windows install starts, it falls at the first hurdle - can't find any drives. The error I continually received (regardless of the combinations of BIOS settings) was:

"A required CD/DVD device driver is missing"

The fix was a bit obscure - no idea how anyone figured it out - and super simple. When the mesage above is encountered, exit almost all the way out of the current installation until the 'install' button is all that is displayed. Then unplug the USB drive, and plug it into a different slot. Press install, and you are off to the races.